Kelle Link DCM UX Training Specialist

Kelle has worked across the globe – Tokyo, New York, Silicon Valley, Washington, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin – as a Digital Strategist and UX lead. Kelle is multi-lingual and comfortable working with multi-national and global teams. Kelle's clients include: Thomson Reuters, Toyota Europe, Fidelity Investments, NHS, IBM, Sony Music Entertainment, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, E*TRADE, Pfizer, Wood Mackenzie

Kelle specialises in designing and implementing UX programs for large-scale digital initiatives, which requires seeing the bigger picture amongst changing customer expectations combined with the complex systems that sit behind an organisation's existing products and businesses. More and more, digital design impacts every level of a company, as technologies constantly evolve. I undergo regular training and networking to keep my finger on the pulse of the ever-changing digital landscape.