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Microsoft® Access Training Course

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This Microsoft Access training course will provide you with the skills and knowledge sufficient to be able to create database systems, enter, edit and delete data in database files, produce information in forms and reports and generate queries on the data. Starting from the fundamentals of how to design and build databases in Microsoft Access, this fully hands-on course moves swiftly to cover tables, relationships, forms, queries, reports and macros. It ends with an introduction to modules and Access programming. Our course will teach you basic to advanced features of Access, and will cover what you need to know as efficiently as possible.

DCM can develop customised solutions or deliver off-the-shelf courses in-house for your team. This approach makes perfect sense for groups of 4+ delegates, enhancing cost effectiveness as well as team bonding.

Get Answers to Your Questions in the Microsoft® Access Training Brochure. The brochure contains: Course Format; Trainer Profiles; Previous Clients; Course Syllabus; Full 2019 Timetable & Course Fee.

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Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of this Microsoft Access training course, you should be able to:

  • Understand how Access is used and how to navigate around it
  • Design a database with lookup tables
  • Create a database structure using Access
  • Modify the structure of an existing table
  • Add records to a new table
  • Add transactional records to a lookup database
  • Work with the records in a database table
  • Sort and filter records in a table
  • Create simple and effective queries

What will you learn on this course?

  • Microsoft Access orientation

    Understanding Microsoft Access; Starting Access; Understanding The Start Screen; Creating A New Blank Database; Understanding The Backstage View; Opening An Existing Database File; Understanding The Access Screen; Using The Ribbon; Working With The Navigation Pane; Adding Commands To The QAT; Working With Touch Mode; Working With A Table; Working With Other Database Objects; Closing A Database File; Exiting From Access

  • Designing a lookup database

    Understanding How Access Stores Data; Understanding Access Data Types; Scoping Your New Database; Identifying Table Problems; Refining Table Structures; Finalising The Design

  • Creating a lookup database

    Creating A New Database File; Creating The Lookup Table; Defining The Primary Key; Saving And Closing A Table; Creating The Transaction Table; Understanding Lookup Table Relationships; Connecting To A Lookup Table; Viewing Table Relationships

  • Modifying table structures

    Opening An Existing Table; Adding Fields To An Existing Table; Understanding Field Properties; Changing Field Size; Changing Field Names; Changing Decimal Places; Changing Date Formats;Indexing Fields; Deleting Fields From A Table; Copying A Table Within A Database; Deleting A Table From A Database File

  • Working with records

    Table Navigation; Navigating To A Specific Record; Editing A Record; Deleting Record Data; Undoing A Change. Deleting A Record; Deleting Several Records; Searching In A Table; Searching In A Field; Finding And Replacing; Printing Records From A Table;Compacting A Database

  • Creating queries

    Understanding Queries; Creating A Query Design; Working With A Query; Changing A Query Design; Applying Record Criteria; Clearing Selection Criteria; Saving A Query; Running Queries From The Navigation Pane; Deleting A Query; Assignment: Creating Queries

  • Creating and using reports

    Understanding Reporting In Access; Creating A Basic Report; Working With Existing Reports; Previewing And Printing A Report; Changing The Report Layout; Using The Report Wizard; Creating A Grouped Report; Creating A Statistical Report; Working With Grouped Reports

  • Creating and using forms

    Understanding Forms; Creating A Basic Form; Creating A Split Form; Binding A Form To A Query; Using The Form Wizard; Working With Existing Forms; Editing Records In A Form; Deleting Records Through A Form; Deleting An Unwanted Form

How does it Work?

Onsite Training is when we come to you to provide training on your premises or at a location of your choice. Not only will we run the course at a time and venue that suits you, we will also develop a unique programme particular to the developmental, cultural and business requirements of your company.

What's Involved?

Step 1 | After initial discussions, you meet with our training specialist. Here you both work together to design and sculpt a more comprehensive programme outline.

Step 2 | From this outline, a course is designed which addresses your exact needs. Sometimes this involves a completely new course designed from scratch, this depends on your needs.

Step 3 | Once you're happy with everything, the trainer will deliver the course at a venue of your choice on a date that suits.

Step 4 | Once complete, feedback will be gathered from delegates to ascertain the ‘true’ impact. And finally a report will be compiled for you outlining outcomes alongside your stated objectives.

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Location Date Max Attendee Registered
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Dublin | Training Centre 25 March 2016 14 14 Fully Booked
Dublin | Training Centre 13 June 2016 14 14 Fully Booked
Dublin | Training Centre 14 November 2016 14 14 Fully Booked

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