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Embracing Equality & Diversity Workshop

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An inclusive workplace is one where the human rights principles of fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy are promoted and are part of the organisations everyday goals and behaviour. At DCM, we aim to provide you with all the information you need to ensure that everybody in your company is fully protected. Why should diversity and inclusion matter to you and your organization? The answer lies in that one thing we all strive for, success. Mounting evidence shows organisations that are more diverse and inclusive outperform those that are not. In Business, everything changes, and with that, its happening all the time. As a manager you must be different, your management skills must be diverse, in order to compete with competition, and to keep your employees motivated and interested. This one day course will help you develop the ability to generate creativity and innovation, enhanced by diverse perspectives and experiences.

Get Answers to Your Questions in the Equality & Diversity Workshop Brochure. The brochure contains: Course Format; Certification; Trainer Profiles; Previous Clients; Course Syllabus; Full 2019 Timetable & Course Fee.

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  • Fee and 2019 Timetable
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Learning outcomes:

  • Will assist participants in recognising how diversity brings a greater skills base to a team and thereby promote better teamwork
  • Will demonstrate how to appreciate the value of diversity
  • Provide a proactive approach to managing diversity in today's workforce
  • How to respect and value the esteem of co-workers

What will you learn on this course?

  • Introduction to Equality & Diversity and their Impact in the Work Place
  • Employment Equality Acts of 1998 and 2004
  • Creating ‘diversity’ awareness
  • Understanding your own hidden biases and prejudices
  • Actions to avoid in the workplace
  • The differences between direct and indirect discrimination
  • Identifying and understanding the differences in culture
  • Identifying your communication style
  • Understanding the ‘need-to-know’ legislative framework
  • Understanding and Changing Attitudes
  • Adjusting attitudes and behaviours
  • Respectful and disrespectful behaviour in the workplace
  • Understanding Discrimination & Racism in Ireland
  • The 3 different types of racism
  • Understanding the stages and symptoms of “culture shock”
  • Overcoming the barriers to communicating

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How does it Work?

Onsite Training is when we come to you to provide training on your premises or at a location of your choice. Not only will we run the course at a time and venue that suits you, we will also develop a unique programme particular to the developmental, cultural and business requirements of your company.

What's Involved?

Step 1 | After initial discussions, you meet with our training specialist. Here you both work together to design and sculpt a more comprehensive programme outline.

Step 2 | From this outline, a course is designed which addresses your exact needs. Sometimes this involves a completely new course designed from scratch, this depends on your needs.

Step 3 | Once you're happy with everything, the trainer will deliver the course at a venue of your choice on a date that suits.

Step 4 | Once complete, feedback will be gathered from delegates to ascertain the ‘true’ impact. And finally a report will be compiled for you outlining outcomes alongside your stated objectives.

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