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Supervisor Training Course

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Making the transition from being a team member to a Supervisor can be difficult. Your peers will no longer see you as an equal and you are faced with a new set of challenges such as showing authority, making unpopular decisions, providing feedback, addressing under-performance etc. - all while maintaining the respect of your team.

This course will give you the confidence and skills needed to excel in your new role. You will leave with a personal action plan and a best-practice toolkit which you can put to immediate use when you are back on the job.

Get Answers to Your Questions in the Certified Supervisor Training Course Brochure. The brochure contains: Course Format; Trainer Profiles; Previous Clients; Course Outline; Full 2019 Timetable & Course Fee.

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Who should attend this course?

If you are new to your Manager/Team Lead/Supervisor role OR you are a Manager/Team Lead/Supervisor that has had no formal training OR you would like to become a Manager/Team Lead/Supervisor this course is perfect for you. This course is also suitable for more experienced Managers/Team Leads/Supervisors who would like to refresh their core communication, motivation and leadership skills.

What is covered on our Supervisor Training Course?

This 3 Day course uses a mixture of class room study, group exercises & discussions and real-world trainer experiences to teach you the core management skills needed by all managers to successfully manage their team, regardless of your industry. Topics Include: 

    • Introduction

      What qualities make a good supervisor?; Key Skills - Delegation, Time Management, Decision Making, Organisation, Motivating;

    • Leadership

      Developing your Leadership Style; Making the move from team member to Manager; Leading by example; 

    • Solving Problems and Making Decisions

      Being timely and decisive; Involving staff in the decision making process; 

    • Effective Communication

      Giving direction to others; How to deliver bad news/'No'; Active Listening skills; 

    • Performance Management

      Effective delegation; Setting clear objectives; Monitoring results; Motivating your team including difficult team members;

    • Challenging Behaviour

      Conflict resolution; Working with problem employees; Changing attitudes; Negotiation and influencing skills; 

Please note: We can tailor the above new manager training to meet your exact training requirements. Get a tailored training quote for your new manager training today Click Here

How does it Work?

Onsite Training is when we come to you to provide training on your premises or at a location of your choice. Not only will we run the course at a time and venue that suits you, we will also develop a unique programme particular to the developmental, cultural and business requirements of your company.

What's Involved?

Step 1 | After initial discussions, you meet with our training specialist. Here you both work together to design and sculpt a more comprehensive programme outline.

Step 2 | From this outline, a course is designed which addresses your exact needs. Sometimes this involves a completely new course designed from scratch, this depends on your needs.

Step 3 | Once you're happy with everything, the trainer will deliver the course at a venue of your choice on a date that suits.

Step 4 | Once complete, feedback will be gathered from delegates to ascertain the ‘true’ impact. And finally a report will be compiled for you outlining outcomes alongside your stated objectives.

Get a tailored training quote for your supervisor training today Click Here

Location Date Max Attendee Registered
(so far)
Dublin | Training Centre 23/24/25 May 2018 14 14 Fully Booked
Dublin | Training Centre 20/21/21 June 2018 14 14 Fully Booked
Dublin | Training Centre 18/19/20 July 2018 14 8 Book Now

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Supervisory Management Course

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